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Cheap accommodation in Lipe and the best on Koh Lipe.

Updated: Jul 19, 2021


Where is the best place to go to the beach? believe that the answer must be “Koh Lipe” is definitely one of the choices. Because this Satun tourist destination is famous for the beauty of white sandy beaches and beautiful sea. until becoming a dream destination for many people But how to travel to Koh Lipe? Who doesn't have any ideas? Koh Lipe, where to eat, travel and where to stay? All provided! After reading, pack your bags and go to Koh Lipe. ที่พักหลีเป๊ะราคาถูก When talking about cheap and best accommodation, The Chic Lipe is the number one hostel on Koh Lipe. There are people who come to use the service all the time. Because at The Chic Lipe is very good. The rooms are nice and clean. There are both single rooms and shared rooms. You can choose to stay comfortably. The food here is delicious. Bicycles are available for riding around Koh Lipe. เกาะหลีเป๊ะ ที่พัก ราคาถูก And this is our trip to Koh Lipe for 3 days 2 nights, Koh Lipe, known as the Maldives of Thailand. Pack your bags and go out to live in Lipe better and this is it. Our trip to Koh Lipe 3 days 2 nights, Koh Sawat, paradise beach known as the Maldives of Thailand. Pack your bags and go out to live in Lipe. Ask for more room details, contact 0907676761, 0907676762 Line@ : The Chic Lipe FB : The Chic Lipe Map :The Chic Lipe

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