Review of Koh Lipe and other nearby islands.


Review of Lipe and other nearby islands that can be traveled to. Koh Tarutao, the word Tarutao is distorted from the word Talotera, which means bay, because the Tarutao archipelago consists of 51 islands. Island, the water is very clear, see the beauty of the sea You can enjoy many activities here such as swimming, sunbathing, sightseeing, diving, snorkeling and many more. And there is also a beach that still wants to Koh Lipe review with sunrise beach It is a beach that is known for its beauty. Watch the sunrise at dawn Get the warmth from the morning sun. The beach is quite quiet. Soak up the romantic atmosphere. Plus, here is a fine-grained, clean, white sandy beach with a beautiful view that attracts quite a few tourists. รีวิวหลีเป๊ะ

Review of the highlight of Koh Lipe is the nature of the corals around the island. There are beautiful coves. The fine sand is soft like powder. There is a beautiful bay named "Ao Pattaya" and "Chao Lay Beach" are curved. fine white sand Both beaches can be reached in about 15 minutes by foot. รีวิวเกาะหลีเป๊ะ

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