Review of Lipe Tour 3 days 2 nights.

Updated: Jul 19, 2021


Review of Lipe Tour 3 days 2 nights at a small island south of thailand There is a place that anyone who visits this place must be fascinated by its charm and beauty. The island is called Koh Lipe, the paradise island of sea lovers. True happiness is to be released at sea. put everything first put clothes in bag Stepping foot out to see the beauty of the southern sea. Snorkel with colorful corals with clusters of anemones and clownfish. Relax with the wind and sunshine Sunbathe for a tan Go out to eat seafood to your heart's content. Immerse yourself in a wonderful night with light and sound. Come back to sleep in the exclusive room. Make every day a special day. Come and join us. The Chic Lipe, the number one hostel in Koh Lipe. There is only fun here. รีวิวหลีเป๊ะ Here are all amenities. There will be a transfer person all the way round-trip between the number one hostel on Koh Lipe. with the embarkation point You will receive professional service. The staff are friendly, hospitable, take good care of them. The cleanliness here is the best, rooms are cleaned daily. There are many souvenir shops. It will be very bustling. There are many activities for friends to enjoy together. This is truly a paradise of relaxation. because the sea is always the right answer If anyone has come to rest here and have taken good impressions and memories back for sure. Returning from a trip to Koh Lipe Let's review a lot. Ask for more room details, contact 0907676761, 0907676762 Line@ : The Chic Lipe FB : The Chic Lipe Map :The Chic Lipe

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